The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Project (CAMHP)

Our lab partners with CAMHP in collaborative research integrating work from the research labs of Dr. Cindy Huang and Dr. Christine Cha to improve early detection and intervention on high risk behaviors among ethnically diverse and high-risk youth.

Adapting Measures of High Risk Behaviors into the Family Check-Up

Their current project will test the feasibility of the Family Check-Up (FCU), a family centered preventive intervention that focuses on reducing child mental and behavioral health problems through positive parenting behaviors for youth at varying levels of risk. The adaption of such measures into the FCU will allow for improved understanding of how parenting behaviors may impact, and mitigate high risk behaviors in early adolescents. The study will focus on recruiting and examining these behaviors in a diverse sample of early adolescents in New York City through collaborations with community agencies and schools such as the Hamilton-Madison House.

If you are the parent/guardian of a teenager ages 11-15 and are interested in participating in the study, click here to sign up!