Determining the Effectiveness of a Video-Based Social-Emotional Learning Program

PI: Dr. Cindy Y. Huang

IRB #19-230

Open Parachute is an evidence-driven SEL program designed to destigmatize conversations on mental health in young people, and empower them with methods of self-acceptance, self-reflection, and transformation.  The program is delivered through a video-based format - a series of professionally produced videotaped interviews are played for the students, and followed by a set of discussion questions led by the classroom teacher.  The videos include psychoeducation information as well as real-life examples from adolescents and their experiences with mental health.  The corresponding materials include exercises aimed at promoting self-reflection, and discussion points for the class. The topics cover the building blocks of psychological awareness that young people would learn in a course of therapy.  They are guided through learning how their minds work and understanding the impacts of childhood trauma.  They learn how to identify and change unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior, and how to relate to their emotions in a healthy manner.  Finally, they are equipped with tools for dealing with bullying, relationship difficulties, and other social challenges.

The present study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of participating in an evidence-driven SEL program (Open Parachute) on mental health awareness and other SEL competencies among middle and high school students in New York State.  Additionally, teachers’ acceptability of the program will be evaluated through specific questionnaires about their perceptions on the program.  The schools participating in this study are South Orangetown Middle School in Blauvelt, NY and Tappan Zee High School in Orangeburg, NY.  Both schools are part of the South Orangetown Central School District.


School Connection Study: Assessing the Feasibility and Efficacy of a Social-Emotional Learning Program for Urban Youth

PIs: Dr. Cindy Y. Huang and Dr. Sonali Rajan

IRB #18-418

Our study is designed to 1) assess the fidelity and corresponding feasibility of implementing a creative SEL-driven classroom-based program, NaliniKIDS, among a sample of elementary school students and 2) understand the effectiveness of this program on student behaviors, student empathy, and the school’s climate.

Learn more about the NaliniKIDS program here:

Assessing the Cultural Relevance of an Evidence-Based Parenting Intervention for Asian Immigrant Families

PI: Dr. Cindy Y. Huang

IRB #17-450

Our study is designed to examine Asian parents' perceptions on the cultural relevance of a parenting program designed to help improve children's emotional and behavioral problems through changing parenting behaviors. We hope to better understand ways to make parenting programs more appropriate for Asian parents and their children in the future.

To qualify, you must be:

  • Over 18 years of age

  • Legal guardian of a child between the ages of 9-17 years old

  • Identify as East Asian born outside of the U.S. and have immigrated to the U.S.

  • You may complete the interview in English, Mandarin or Cantonese

If interested, please fill out our survey linked on our Join a Study page!

Participants will be asked to complete an interview with one of our research team members and will be compensated with a $20 gift card for their time.

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